Sunday, September 25, 2011

Flower Valley Quilt Show

Here I am, arriving at the quilt show.  Okay, not really me, but it could be. 

I really liked this one.  The colors really appealed to me.

This was cross stitched, then the quilting added.  I liked the way the quilting made it look like snow on the ground.  This was one of my favorites.

 The next few quilts show what a difference color can make.  Scrappy quilts where the design is made by positioning the darks and lights. 
 Tumbler quilt with no fabric repeats.
This is a mini log cabin.  I want to make one.  Liked the fabrics a lot.

Scrappy again, with the stars made using lights and darks.

A string quilt, again the pattern uses the juxtaposition of lights and darks.

This is a Denver Log Cabin.  The stars in the sashing are what differentiates it from a regular log cabin.  I loved the blues and pinks.

This is a self portrait quilt.  Titled Please Eat a Banana, I'm almost Finished. Weird quilt fact - the poodle was made using hair trimmed from the maker's dog. 

This is my favorite of the show.  It is a duplicate of one that the quilters mother made in the '30's.  This quilt was made using 30's fabrics, plus fabric from each decade since then. 
I had a nice time looking.  I entered the drawing for the raffle quilt, which is very pretty.  Also had a card stamped by each vendor, and that went in a drawing for "prizes".  Didn't specify what. I didn't buy anything, which is good, since I have too much already. 

And that's what I did today.