Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January's progress on Better Home Challenge

I'm reporting in on the progress I made in January on the Better Home Challenge.  The short answer is 'Not much.'  My main excuse is I've been sick for about 10 days.  Am feeling better, but really didn't feel up to tackling any sewing while I was down.  I did get a couple of things accomplished and will show you now. 
I had mentioned last time that I didn't know what to do with this quilt rack.  I didn't want it in front of the window.  I realized we had a space heater in this spot that could really go anywhere in the room and would be moved out when the weather is warmer.  So the two have now switched places and I'm happy that the quilt rack still has a home in our room.  It is hand made, and I got it in Mt. Vernon, Missouri, which my mother claims as her home town. 

I did get my laundry put away, however, more has crept in and taken its place.  A much smaller amount, but seems a never ending battle. I have also been handwashing.  Have done six sweaters and have two more to go.  This has gotten a laundry basket out of the closet, so did a bit on cleaning out the closet. 

Last post I talked some about the spool night stands.  We spent more than we wanted on the bedroom furniture, so were trying to repurpose something we already had.  Here is a picture of a spool top that we use as a plant stand in the summer. 

The two that are now nightstands were not quite this bad, but they were pretty beat up.  Here is what they look like now.


Hubby cleaned them up, stained them, painted part of them with the wall paint, built and installed the shelf in the middle and added legs to make them tall enough. I want to put a skirt around them to hide all the stuff.  Also need to make something to hold magazines, as the shelves just don't hold them well.  After we installed these, I came across a blog showing lots of ideas using the big spools.  Here, I thought I was being cheap, turns out I'm trendy! 
Finally, a few closeups of some items in the room.  Hubby made me this rack to hold bracelets.  I sort of described what I wanted, he came up with the design and the idea of using bamboo.  He's proud that he used no nails or glue to hold it together and I'm happy that I can get to my bracelets more easily.  Think I have enough?

 He had some more bamboo, and this lamp needed a repair, so he replaced the stand with bamboo, to continue our beachy theme.
This is a little candle holder I got at an estate sale for a quarter.  Love the design and the color.  Made in California. I want to put a shelf up in the room, and this will go on it.

Accomplished one other thing, totally free!  We decided we don't want to put any rugs down, so don't have to buy any. 

I'm linking in with Heather, who started this Better Home Challenge.  She listed the total amount she spent on her room.  I didn't keep track, but other than the furniture, we haven't spent a lot.  Paint, a board for the peg rack....  Already had the pegs, and the fabric I hope to use for the window.  May buy some new blinds and a ceiling fan.  There is still work to be done in here, but am happy with the progress so far.