Saturday, December 31, 2016

Get it Done - 2017 UFO List

Looks like it has been nearly 3 years since I last wrote a blog post.  I recently retired, and have been adding things in to my life that I didn't make time to do while I was working.  Blogging will be one of them, and quilting will be another.  To motivate me in my quilting, I am joining Judy at Patchwork Times in the 2017 Get it Done UFO Challenge.  Here is the info on the challenge.  The idea is to make a list of 12 UFO's. Judy will pick a number each month, and that is the UFO you will work on.  I am making one small change.  My sister will be visiting at the end of January, so no matter what number is drawn, I will be finishing her quilt in January.

Here is my list-

1.  Nan's Star Quilt

Christmas Star Quilt

This month I chose 2 UFO's.  The blue star quilt only needs binding, so thought I'd have time for another project. 
The Christmas star quilt was a wedding gift started in 2008.  I started sashing these, and ran into some blocks that were wonky.  It looks like I even took part of it apart.  Since I made this, I used one of the fabrics in another project, and it bled.  So will redo that block, fix any issues, sash, make a backing, layer, quilt and bind.

2. Happy Scrappy Houses
This is a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville.  I can't find a picture in my computer.  It was one of the earliest tops I did.  It needs to be quilted and bound.  The backing is all ready to go.

3. Paper Doll Quilt
Currently all this is, is a piece of fabric.  I bought it in 2009, intending to make a lap quilt for my mom.  That is still my intention.  I think I will cut it into rows, and put pinwheels of '30s repro fabric between them.   So this needs to be designed, cut, pieced, assembled, layered, quilted, bound.
Second UFO for this month would be a string pieced 30's quilt, made with scraps from the Paper Doll quilt.  I have collected embroidered pillowcases, dish towels and other items to use as the center of each block.  Combining these in one month, as I can't do the second until I finish the first.

4. Disappearing 9 patch.

 This was a Christmas gift in 2014. Still not quilted.  I need to make the back.  This may be sent out to be quilted.

Secondly is Razzle Dazzle. 

Started in July 2016 on a quilt cruise to Alaska with Bonnie Hunter.  I still have some cutting to do, and several more blocks to complete.  I am farther along than the above picture, there are many blocks that are partially completed.

5. NYE Heart Quilt
Started this with a yahoo group called Quilt Talk.  It was a New Years Eve mystery.  I was in over my head, at that time I wasn't too accurate on my seam allowances, and with all the small pieces, it soon turned in to a mess.  Will have to do some seam ripping on this, find the instructions, and sew it back up.  Also need to make a back.

6. My Blue Heaven
I took this class with Bonnie Hunter in September 2015. Another of her free patterns. I have all the hourglass blocks done, including the border.  Have all the stars cut out and many done.  I have a possible border fabric, but may change that.  Need to piece backing.

7. Christmas tree skirt

Just needs binding. Actually may need quilting too.  Since this is a smaller project, added a second one. This is for donation to my church's Art Auction.

Travel Quilt
Fabrics for this came from a Yahoo group called Noodles and Nickels.  We exchanged 5" squares and 2 1/2" strips.  It is partially quilted.

8. 30's 9-Patch

This is cut out only.  Pattern is from an Alex Anderson book on rotary cutting.   Will do pieced backing.

9. Christmas Hearts

This was the first quilt I pieced.  I started to hand quilt it.  I have about a 6 inch area done.  I am thinking of taking that out and putting it on my Grace frame to hand quilt.  I have not done anything on the frame yet, this would probably be a good place to start.  Needs quilting and binding.

10. Scrappy Bargello

Another Bonnie Hunter free pattern.  I have all the strips cut, and 3 of the columns sewn.  I have chickened out on cutting the columns into strips.  So needs another column sewn and some courage. Will piece backing.

11. Sisters Choice

Yet another Bonnie free pattern. Out of all of these, this is the one I really want to finish.  I started it in Spring 2016.  I have about 25 of the 9 patches done, and fabric picked for more.  Have had fun picking pairs of fabrics for the 9 patches.  So still have cutting, and piecing and ..... all the rest for this one. Another pieced backing.

12.  Secret quilt.  This is for a sister, and have only purchased fabric.  Need to start with a design and go on from there.

Among all these, I also will be working on Bonnie's Maverick Stars as a leader/ender project. (I reversed the lights and darks on mine. )

 This ends up being 17  UFOs.  This is almost all of my UFOs.  I'm looking forward to some finishes and some great strides on others.  Will blog at the beginning and end of each month to show my intentions and my accomplishments. 
While digging out these UFOs, I found that several of them stopped in their forward progress because I ran into problems I didn't know how to fix, and I just stopped.  Now, these problems don't seem so insurmountable. I also came across pictures of a lot of finishes.  Maybe I'll do a post on those one of these days, to prove that I can finish things.

Thanks, Judy, for the inspiration to Get it Done!