Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time to update the picture on my header.  We had about 4" of snow today, and my yard looks much different than it's pictured.  My office closed at noon today, and I used my unexpected time off to do a small project that I've been wanting to do for a few weeks.  I finally got some ear buds that I don't hate, and am actually using my MP3 player.  I wanted something to store it in, and keep it from turning my purse into a tangled mess.  I found a tutorial here for a card case.  I used the pocket from a pair of men's jeans, so it was large enough for my player.  I started with this-

and this -

and ended up with this -
The jeans were an old pair of my husband's, the fabric I got in a bag of vintage 60's fabric at an estate sale, the button came from who know's where.  The only modification I made was to use a small ponytail elastic instead of a ribbon, thought it would be more secure.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  And the price was right. 
Looks like it has been over a year since I posted anything.  Seems like I have had trouble getting something to say and pictures at the same time.  Reading that last post reminded me of some things I intended to do in the bedroom, that still haven't been done.  I fell off the challenge that Heather had, and about the only thing that has been accomplished around the house has been to paint the master bath.  I used the same paint as the turquoise wall in the bedroom.  This just got finished last week, and I need to buy a new towel bar and TP holder.  Oh, and we cleaned out the storage room in the basement.  Had a small water leak that was really a blessing, as it forced us to totally empty the room.  While it was empty, we painted, rearranged the shelves, got rid of a LOT of stuff, found a few long lost items, and created a space that actually functions.  I can find what I need, add stuff, and not risk my life opening the door.  Guess I need to figure out my next room to attack.