Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm Happy!

A nagging problem in the backyard has been solved.  The ground at the base of the deck steps was always a muddy mess.  It gets walked on a lot, it's deeply shaded, it's in a corner and the leaves seem to pile up there all winter, smothering the bit of grass we have managed to grow during the summer.  We have seeded and reseeded and even sodded and the grass just ends up dying.  Then we're back to mud again.  Recently we were plant shopping.  I went out the door from the shop to the garden area, looked down, and saw a landing of  cobblestones.  Pink granite cobblestones.  I love pink.  I love pink granite.  And we even have some cobblestones that were just sitting in a heap, waiting for a brilliant idea.  I enlisted the help of my stepson, and this is what we came up with. 

We only have 9 cobblestones, but I've found a source for more and plan to put two more rows in.  You will note that there is grass seed between them, I'm still hoping for a bit of grass.  My theory is that if we are not stepping on it, maybe it will agree to grow.  I"ll let you know how it turns out.


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