Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The yard is continuing to look better.  Just took a walk around and took some pictures to share. 

The peonies opened today

The clematis are going crazy.  My sweetie built a lattice wall 3 years ago, and they seem to love it.  There are 3 varieties, this is the first to bloom.

                                                              My vegetable garden.
We have a fairly shady yard, and I was unsuccessful at growing a garden.  Until I filled this tub with soil and started a salad garden.  I have radishes, spinach, mesclun, black seeded simpson lettuce, onions and spinach in here.  Should be picking radishes in a few days.  We usually get salads for a couple of weeks from this. 

 Ninebark, a native flowering shrub.

Golden Alexander in my native plant area.

Hope you enjoyed the walk in my yard. 


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