Saturday, March 12, 2011

The REAL new apron

I finished the real version of my new apron today.  I'm happy with my tailoring efforts.  The apron doesn't hang down past my knees and it ties around my waist instead of my rear end.  If I make this again it will be with the binding instead of the rickrack.  I'm not that crazy about the look of the rick rack  and it added a lot of sewing.  If you make this, the pattern is wrong on the amount of rick rack needed.  I had to go back to the fabric store for another package.  I do have quite a bit of extra fabric, so may do a table runner with it.  I enjoyed sewing today, I sat out on the porch and did the pinning and a bit of hand stitching.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  Another two weeks and I should be able to replace my snowy tree picture with some daffodils. 

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