Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vintage Thingy Thursday

Some of my Swanky Swigs
This is where I display them.
One of the reasons I wanted to start my blog was to participate in fun things like The Coloradolady's Vintage Thingy Thursday .  My vintage thingy is my Swanky Swig tumblers.  Swanky Swigs are the little glasses that Kraft sells their cheese spread in.  They still make them, but they are not nearly as cute today as the vintage ones.  Today they are just clear glass.  But back in the 1920's - 60's, they sold lots of different designs.  I have been collecting them for about 15 years.  Here's a picture of a group of them.  I have more....



  1. Those are very cool. I never knew they existed before. I'll have to start looking for some when I'm out and about.

  2. You have a nice collection of vintage tumblers. For some reason your post was very hard to read.

  3. I too have a set of some vintage ones. I remember drinking out of them when I was a little girl. They're so happy looking. Thanks for sharing.

  4. love the glasses. It's a very neat collection!

  5. I love Swanky Swigs! You have a great collection. I hope you will be a regular at VTT because I am looking forward to seeing more. I am your newest follower. Stop by and visit me sometime.

    Susan and Bentley

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh, I remember these as a kid, and the jelly jar glasses my grandma used to keep, with designs on them, too! Love this post - Happy Thursday - Tanya

  7. What a fun blog you have!! I have to agree with you, the vintage swanky swig glasses are much too cute compared to today's. I love these little glasses. So glad you linked in today, and welcome to VTT! Have a great weekend!!