Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thimble and Thread Quilt Guild

This weekend is the biennial quilt show presented by the Thimble and Thread Quilt Guild. I enjoyed strolling around and viewing all the quilts, and spent a short time shopping at some of the vendors.  I took some pictures to share and for my own enjoyment.  My screensaver scrolls through the pictures in My Pictures, so I enjoy having pretty things on there.

One of the first quilts I saw was the Best in Show.  It was called Woven Wind Flowers.  It was beautiful, so many tiny pieces, and fantastic color placement.  It was called Woven Wind because the ancient Chinese referred to silk fabric as woven wind, and this quilt was all silk.  What made it especially interesting to me was that the silk was all recycled from silk blouses the maker, Delores Keaton, bought from the thrift store! 

This small quilt was extremely detailed.  It's a copy of a photo the creator took while traveling.  It's called Memories of Burano by Jerri Stroud.  The picture doesn't really do it justice, the quilting really added a lot to the beauty of the image. 

This quilt was one of my favorites, and I took a closeup in case I decide to make one some day.  The tag stated the maker had come up with the pattern herself.  I loved the fussy cut flowers on each house.  Unfortunately I didn't get the name and maker on this one. 
This one was especially intriquing to me.  The blue backgrounds were made on the white fabric by a process called cyanotype.  Objects are placed on treated fabric or paper, exposed to direct sunlight, rinsed in water, and Voila', you have a white image on a blue background.  I just found a source for the fabric here .  I did cyanotype with paper as a child, and did it again with my son when he was young.  Unfortunately, didn't get the name or maker on this one either.

These 3 were displayed together, they are all the same pattern, although they are made by 3 different makers.  I thought it was very interesting to see how differing fabrics effects the appearance of a pattern.  The top one is called Kaffe-inated, by Mary Ellen Adams, the middle is Stars for a New Day by Nancy Hamilton, and the bottom one is My Orion by Jeannette Larson.  They are from a pattern from The Quilt Show.  I liked the border change on the red and green one, though I didn't get the greatest picture of it.

Finally I saw this little wall hanging at one of the dealer booths.  It really made me smile.  Made me think of my 3 sisters.

I had a great time looking, dreaming, planning.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures. 


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